I’ve been verbed!

During today’s wars, I became a verb:

SharonM: LOL, Cating. Hear no evil, see no evil, yada yada
SharonM: Catie — not Cating
meerkat: I like ‘Cating.” She is not a Noun, she is a Verb!
mizkit: I’ll cate you if you’re not careful! :)
SharonM: I know Catie. She COULD be a verb. :D
meerkat: Sharon –exactly
SharonM: See? :D
mizkit: I must be a verb that means “inclined to workaholism”
meerkat: “always in motion, the Cating is.”
NewGuyDave: I need to be more cating
mizkit: lol
mizkit: i have been verbed!

I really, truly love these wars. :) Not because I got verbed, but because of the camaraderie of people in an essentially solitary profession all getting together to work, from one side of the globe to the other. Sharon said yesterday she didn’t feeeeeeeeel like writing, but she thought, well, everybody’s expecting me to be there! and so she logged in and got 1900 words written. That just makes me happy. We even have one ambitious soul logging in from California now, which is *very* ambitious, since the wars start at 6:30am her time!

They run daily, 9:30am-12:30pm Eastern, here, if you wanna join up.

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