jeez o flip

Jeez o flip. I spent, like, a lot of hours tonight working on the Chance series overview, and it came out to only 861 words. I hate that!

I also went on a bike ride this evening. I meant to go on a rather long one, but when I was halfway done with it I had to pee so very badly that I had to come home, and I never went out biking again. Oh well! 9 miles isn’t too bad!

Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention! Last night while we were leaving Allison and Marge’s house, we saw a coyote! I’d never seen one in the city before! That was cool! It had a mouthful of dead bird or rabbit or something, and was waiting intently to cross the road.

Also, last night, Deirdre picked up her coffee and poured it into the cream jug, which we all thought was very funny. :) Mom got very confused, because she missed Deirdre doing that, and then she picked up the slightly-coffee-colored cream, and wondered if maybe somebody’d put a shot of Bailey’s in it, or something. :)

ytd wordcount: 149,000 (cool!)
miles to Mordor: 348

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  1. Hello! I dropped by on the advice of a mutual friend in the Netherlands, to see a picture of your recumbent. But there wasn’t one! Or at least, I am too stupid to find it. Did I miss something? Or is it a picture to look forward to?

    I like the moose.


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