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Just briefly, a post locked to my flist to check if people want on or off filters. I don’t have very many exciting filters, but I was just looking at my weight-loss one and thought something to the effect of, “Jeez, can all those people actually *want* to be on my weight-loss filter?” so I thought I’d post and check.

I’ve got two filters, the weight loss one and the Chance-comic-in-progress filter, that people may or may not be on and may or may not want to be on. Let me know, and I’ll add or remove you accordingly.


  1. mostlymaylone

    You’re filtered? We’ve only always managed to get strained.

    As SWMBO is in MO, I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be cut out, neither would I. It’s how we know what is going on. :-)
    You hook us on Ted’s food and your desserts, then move to Ireland, then filter us? I’m just not feeling the love here.

  2. sammywol

    Put me on the filters please. I friended you rather late in the evolution of Chance but have loved the titbits I’ve heard of so far. The weight loss one is interesting too. I was doing well myself with Weightwatchers (dropped two stone in 7 months) right up until the pregnancy made that path a non-issue for a variety of reasons. When baba is born I’ll have plenty of weight to shift again.

  3. janne

    Hmm, I think I approach filters the opposite way — it’s for when I want to hide something from somebody, and they don’t get a choice in the matter. For the rest of the frienslist, I assume them perfectly capable of skipping any posts of mine that aren’t of interest. So sure, keep me on as many filters as you’re comfortable with :)

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