just for the record…

…I would like to make it blazingly clear that I cannot abide Livejournal’s customization capabilities. Also, I apologize to people who look at my homepage and who do not have their screens set to the same resolution I do, but apparently somewhere along the line I determined I probably looked at it more than anybody else did, and started optimizing for 1152×864. It’s obnoxious beyond belief and if I were a real web designer I’d do something about it. Thank God I got to grow up to be a writer.

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  1. I said that out loud to Den about my alterego page. It doesn’t work right in Firefox or Opera and I said ‘it works in IE, which is what most people use, so I don’t care’.

    He scolded me.

    But I really don’t care.

  2. I feel your pain. LiveJournal’s S2 breaks my brain — literally, any time I have to do anything more than copy and paste, I walk away with a migraine. At this point, I just use the default styles. :-\

    I’m not sure what you’re looking for in regards to LJ styles, but I have some free layout communities bookmarked that do some very pretty stuff. ( in particular is nice… she also does commissions for $10-$15 if you want something custom.)

    My screen resolution is the same as yours, so I’d never noticed a problem. :)

  3. Honestly, I don’t think it’s safe to say at this point that “most people use IE.” Firefox is growing in popularity, especially considering IE’s security holes. Even a few years ago, IE was without question the dominant browser, but that’s rapidly being threatened.

    People who are just browsing are less likely to open a whole new browser because they your site doesn’t work in the one they use. Most likely, they’re going to shrug and close the tab. I’m not sure what website you’re talking about, but if it’s professional in any way, I would strongly suggest asking a friendly geek to look over the CSS for you if you don’t want to muck around with it yourself.

    Just my opinionated 2c, as usual. ;)

  4. The website *works*. It does not look the way I want it to look. And it does a weird ass thing with buttons, in that it makes them only function if you mouse over the left side of the button graphics.

    I spent a day attempting to set up two different versions of the page for different browsers. At the end of that day, it still didn’t work. Personally, that’s more than enough time for me to devote to it after the days I spent getting it to work in one browser.

    I used to do far more website design than I do now. Back then, I’d probably have chased down whatever was causing the issues. I just don’t have the time or inclination now. It’s enough for me that it’s functional at all.

  5. Aha! Okay, I thought it wasn’t functional. :)

    Honestly, you shouldn’t need to set up two versions… but what web designers usually recommend you do is write it for Firefox and then add in the “fixes” for IE’s screwed up way of doing things, because the reverse is just headache-inducing.

    Of course, this is all coming from the woman who said “screw it” in regards to CSS and used frames. ;)

  6. Very pretty stuff over in that community, thanks for pointing me there. Not at all what I want, but very pretty. :)

  7. I have just begun refusing to customize my LJ in any meaningful way. I found the only stock style that doesn’t irritate me too badly and I use it with very little customization even within its bounds. Boring but functional is my goal.

    There are a number of live blogroll sorts of things I would like to have but of course livejournal doesn’t permit javascripty things so oh well. From time to time it reminds me that it isn’t really a blog service at all, is it.

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