Just Kidding

I’m not really keeping a livejournal account. You can read my webpage at mizkit.com if you want to know all about me. :)


  1. Yay, we got a comment from Mizkit! Now, will Mizkit be reading comments on her journal here, hmmmm?

  2. Apparently I will be, since I got an email notification of your note so I came to look. :)

  3. Okay, what’s a ‘YA novel’? (As per mizkit-entry of 2001-08-14 =)

  4. I’m betting ‘Young Adult’

  5. Yep, young adult. :)

  6. More random commentary: (do let your brain be seduced so I can do this right at the mizkit entries, eh?)

    The original killing of Devin was Evil and Horrible! Poor lad! Waah! I’m just too sensitive to mushly deaths. It’s vaguely comforting to know he survived in some incarnation(s). Are there logs? Descs? I wanna see what 15-year old Devin is like :)

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