Kickstarter Ahoy: The Redeemer Chronicles!


I kept trying to work out the reward levels for the Old Races project and just couldn’t. It just wouldn’t work without knowing how long the main event, KISS OF ANGELS, was going to be, and I couldn’t bring myself to write it right now, so I wibbled and wobbled and flopped around and went through all of my “I wish I could do this” projects and finally landed on REDEEMER, which is what happens when I mash up Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Rosie the Riveter in my head and set an urban fantasy in 1945.

The war is over…but for Rosie the Redeemer, the homefront battle is just about to begin!

It’s July 1945, and handsome young Johnny B. Goode is home from the war. Reportedly shattered by his experiences, he takes a night shift job at the local factory. It’s no surprise that the girls there are smitten with the handsome young soldier, but as they start to leave their jobs–and no forwarding addresses–Rosie Ransom begins to suspect there’s more to Johnny’s homecoming than believed.

When Johnny tries to turn a vampiric bite on her, Rosie kills him in self defense–and sees his soul, pure and uncorrupted, rise into the ether. Within hours, she’s approached by handsome, dangerous Hank Turner, who believes her to be a Redeemer–a rare talent who can save a lost soul even after demonic possession has taken place.

Rosie, facing the loss of her factory job as men–and her fiance Rich Thompson–come home from the war, is eager for any future that grants her the independence she’s come to cherish as a working woman. If there are monsters to slay, she’ll embrace the opportunity. Because without Rosie’s help, the scare started by Johnny may turn into a full-fledged nightmare…

(This *is* your grandma’s urban fantasy!)

Tomorrow there will be sample chapters. There might even be a Kickstarter link. O.O :)

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  1. Something to look forward to tomorrow. :)

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