kickstarter: doin’ it wrong

It’s become clear to me I’m doing this Kickstarter thing wrong. For example, take this guy, who is running a Kickstarter to make potato salad. From a modest $10 goal, he has now reached over $7500.

For my next Kickstarter, I will be making fudge. The challenges will be that I will get fancy chocolate molds and put the fudge into those instead of just a glass pan and cutting it up. I may even get cute little paper wrappers for the fancy shaped fudge. Low-end backers will know that there is more fudge in this world because of them. Mid-range backers will have access to a “professional” video (shot on my phone while I’m stirring boiling hot sugar) tutorial on making fudge. High-end backers will get a box of fudge.

Who’s with me? :)


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