Kitsnaps: Sligo Sunrise

I was up very, very early recently to go across the country for a PT session (that’s a totally normal thing to do), and there was a lovely sunrise going on a bit after I got on the train. My phone, which turns to greyscale at 10pm and stays that way until 7am to remind me to sleep, was still IN greyscale when I snapped this shot through the speeding train window, so I really had no idea if it had turned out nicely or not for another, like, 90 minutes.

But it had, in fact, turned out QUITE beautifully, and I particularly love the sheer luck of how the road curving in the bottom half of the photo is reflected by the bend of the clouds and the river of blue sky in the top half. So I’m very happy with it and wanted to share it with you. ♥

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