know what i

Know what I just did?

I just went to the post office and mailed the goddamned Legion script to Tony. Finally. Months late, but FINALLY I sent it. Better late than frelling never, right?

I also mailed a letter to the Sci-Fi channel encouraging them not to cancel Farscape, but in the scheme of things, that’s less important. Well, less important to me, anyway.

I went to the chiro and got popped. He popped me and made me do my leg lifts and it hurt so he popped me again and then it didn’t hurt, so that was nice. He’s going to Australia tonight, and I’m going to Colorado on Thursday, so I won’t be popped again til next Tuesday. I hope I don’t fall down. Er. What an interesting thing to type. Fall apart, I think is what I meant, but I suppose fall down isn’t entirely inappropriate.

I’m feeling more confident about the whole con thing this morning. This may change by this afternoon, mind you, but for the moment I’m feeling better about it. :) I’m not entirely sure if Saturday’s meeting with Ms. Halsey is the you-get-to-read-your-ms-to-an-agent/editor sort or if it’s the just-talk-to-an-agent/editor sort. I /think/ Saturday’s supposed to be the readings, which would be fine, but what I really want is to be able to talk to her, I think.

Well. I’ll have the whole con. Even if I don’t get an appointment with her specifically to do that, I’ll have to nerve myself up to do it outside of appointment times. I’d really like to pitch Urban Shaman to her, too.

I need to practice reading the first chapter of MD.

I’m feeling pretty … inspired, I guess. Maybe not inspired. Maybe more like I’ve been kicked in the ass. Sarah’s writing, and sending stuff out, and I’ve been reading Stella’s blog, and she’s sending stuff out, and… it’s just kind of a kick in the ass. It’s a good thing.

I should eat something before I run out of energy. And I should listen to some more Bon Jovi. I went and got Crush yesterday afternoon. It’s a pretty good album. I went for a little 1.5 mile walk (stroll, really) last night, and listened to most of it during my walk. It was very nice. It rained, but I had an umbrella. :)

3 thoughts on “know what i

  1. YAY Catie!

    …and just in case you were wondering? It takes a special sort of discipline to write -novels-. I’m jealous as hell of you for possessing the sort of discipline and long-range vision that I lack!

  2. *grin* Thanks, Stella. Me, I’m sitting over here just boggling at your persistence in sending out and working on short stories. My mind just doesn’t work in short stories. Once in a great while I can write one, but mostly, nope. Nope nope!

    Novels are easy. For some weird and rarely used value of easy. :) But it’s all in how the mind works! Sarah thinks in images, I think in novels, you, apparently, think in short stories. :)

    *beam* Thanks. What a nice thing for you to say. *beam*

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