lacking clarity

It seems, judging from reactions in the comments, that I’ve been lacking clarity as to Ted’s return to school. Let me clarify:

Ted’s going back to school!

Ted’s going back to school to get his culinary arts degree. :) It’s a two year program which he’ll be starting next Monday. He’s all excited about it and every time we go anywhere with anything even vaguely resembling food or food preparation, he starts thinking about how he could arrange dishes and how to make different meals and all sorts of things. It’s quite wonderful. :)

Yesterday we went to buy books for his school (and for my one class). That cost $508. Christ on a crutch. o.O

Jai and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, which was really nice. :)


  1. Laura

    The excuse that I’ve heard is that they’re expensive to produce and the market for them is very small. I’ll sort of buy that for big, glossy, uber-technical medical books and such, but for English 101 texts? I think not….

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