lame-ass writing day, good swimming day

*yawn* *Still* v. tired. Going to bed shortly.

Swam 1.5 milesish. 2500 yards, anyway. Tall guy in lane kicked my *ass*, doing 150 yards for each of my 100 yards, but then complimented my stroke. V. nice. Chick in lane next to me watched him zoom along, said, “You should ask him out on a date and get him to expend some of that energy on *you*.” Said in response, “Good idea, but I’m not sure my husband would approve!” Gales of laughter followed. V. entertaining. Don’t know why I don’t do that more often.

Lame-ass writing day, though. About 730 words. Got up at 6:20, wrote a bit, napped on couch, went back and wrote a bit more, but failed to write after work. Tsk, tsk. Will need to write 3K tomorrow to catch up.

Bed now.

50K in 30 days count: 22,330
ytd wordcount: 41,050

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