laptops & ribs & salad, oh my!

Laptops & ribs & salad, oh my!

Ted’s work has been periodically getting rid of laptops as they’ve been upgrading, and he’s collected a couple of them, one for himself, and today, one for my mom, so she can bring it to the National Archives with her own self and do genealogical research on it. So we went over this evening to bring her the laptop, and she was very pleased! Yay! And she fed us bbq pork ribs and potato salad. *Yum*.

I am deeply annoyed with, which wants my credit card number in exchange for any useful information. Like, Jim Smith’s email address. Die, capitalistic scum-sucking pig-fnckers!

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  1. Woot, you rock! I’m catching up on all the pages I haven’t read for the last few days because my teeth were RIPPED OUT OF MY HEAD and there’s been much drugged pain and sleepiness, but I’m all impressed and think you’re extra keen and all, not that this is too different from normal. And if I can get my butt off the couch and onto the floor without falling asleep, I will finish something and then you will have a package in the mail, tomorrow morning. ^_^

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