last post on this topic for a while, promise :)

I suspect you, my loyal readers, are no actual help at all, or at least, not in the practicality of finances department. I have decided against the Bergen boots, even though they are very sexy, because I less need very sexy boots than ones I can walk in. Consequently, I somehow ended up buying a pair of the brown leather Cavalios, which are also riding style boots and which cost more than either the Ravennas (which they don’t have in my size) or the Bergens. *squints at you all* This is all somehow your fault.

I ordered the other two pair, too. The Ravennas and the Cadizes. Odds of sending them *all* back because they’re not wide enough are probably very high, but what the hell. Worth a shot, right?

Ok, having indulged in way too much retail therapy, I need to go work on my book so somebody’ll pay me so I can afford all the shoes I just bought… :)


  1. bellinghman

    Your ‘loyal readers’ are rising up in rebellion! We refuse to make your decisions for you any more! We are deposing you, and declaring this the Independent Federal Republic of Mizkitistan.


  2. logrusboy

    I need to go work on my book…

    And thus, our diabolical plot comes to fruition. Fandom has learned from the horrible, horrible mistake we made with J. K. Rowling. By making her about the richest thing on the planet, we gave her the luxury of sitting on her hiney and putting out new books at her leisure. (Sometimes, I think she is only finishing Harry Potter to cut down on the hate mail….) Our new goal is to ration out the funds carefully so our beloved writers make enough to survive, but little enough that they are compelled to keep those books coming down the pipeline.

    [cue evil chortling]

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