*LAUGH* I have the very best friends in the WHOLE WORLD.

Saturday I checked the mail and there was a package! It was from Las Vegas! I brought it inside and tore it open! There was another package inside it! I tore that open too! There was a card! I opened it! It said:

To one C.E. Murphy
To be used for autographing
with much love

I thought: it must be a pen!

There was a box! I opened that!

Inside was a *stunningly* beautiful glass fountain pen.

Then I thought, “Oh, shit! What if this is the present Emily said she was sending me that I wasn’t supposed to open?”

Then I thought, “But it’s from Las VEGAS. Maybe it’s from Angie! She was just there!”

Then I gazed at the pen in stunned admiration some more.

Then I thought, “EMILY’S GOING TO KILL ME!”

Then I thought, “Unless it’s from Angie. Ack! I can’t ask Angie until Monday! I will feel SO GUILTY if this is the present from Emily! Ack! Ack!”

Then I admired the pen some more.

This behavior went on all weekend.

This morning I looked horribly guilty at Emily, and said, “Um. Was that gift you were sending me coming from Las Vegas?” Which caused her to look perplexed and to say, “Amazon, not Las Vegas.”

WHEW! It must be from Angie! I haven’t been a bad human!

So when Angie showed up I eyed her suspiciously and said, “Is this thing from you?” And she said, “Thing? Don’t think so, no.”

And then Sarah went O.O

And it was from SARAH. But the shipping peoples didn’t write her NAME on it! So I’ve been wondering all WEEKEND about it, and she’s been chewing through her lip wondering if it GOT here, and I didnt want to say anything to anybody about it until I found out whether it was from EMILY and I’d opened it too early, but it’s NOT! It’s from SARAH! And it’s *so* *beautiful*!

I have the *best* friends!


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  1. Ooooo. I read about the PEN on Sarah’s journal, and now I get to see it. It’s *gorgeous*. And, congratulations again. :)

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