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12 thoughts on “*laughs*

  1. That’s it?! I expected more nerdiness from you… (I mean that with uber kindness :D )

  2. So did I! I fell down badly on the computer programming part, though, and I’m afraid I chose sex over internet access. It was a hard call. :)

  3. It was a hard call.

    …not with the girlfriend staring over my shoulder it wasn’t. Internet all the way! I mean… uh..

  4. The real nerds know that they can hack a workaround for those ‘choose and lose’ questions. While having sex, if needs be.

    *smiles modestly*

  5. I took it 3 times until I was ruthlessly honest (and remembered that I DO have a globe of the ancient world in my office, right, ah, above the abacus and, uh, next to the entire National Geographic on CD…)

    You’ll hear about this, Catie, since I got Slightly Dork. Oh, and I think that you should make a little icon for this journal so it is easier to see on my favorites.


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