Life is good.

We have gotten rid of the car on jumbletown, where it will make somebody’s wife quite happy at having a car and makes us *extremely* happy at not having to deal with it anymore.

I have gotten *paid*, which is the first time I’ve been paid since, uh, May (welcome to being a professional writer).

My parents are down for three+ weeks, house-sitting while we’re in America and then hopefully staying through Thanksgiving.

I have gotten my hair trimmed (by a hairdresser who guessed my age as 25, maximum. That’s the second time a hairdresser’s pegged me for 25 or under in this country), *and* I have successfully re-done my stripe, which is quite bright and pleasing to me.

My copy edits are all done.

I’ve put in a grocery order.

We’ve got a hotel for WFC.

Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Life is good.

  1. Well done on the car and on your accomplishments. Did you get your hair whitened as well as bleached?

    I must start using the online grocery store – I might start to eat well..

  2. No, just bleached. I may try to have it whitened before Comicon next year, just to go the full nine yards. :)

  3. More or less, yeah. :) I’ve been nuts about Rogue since about 1990, and spent a number of years trying to figure out how the hell to do that stripe properly. And, well, you can’t, not the way her hair was drawn in the 90s, but shortly before the first movie came out I hit upon the only real way to do it (and was vindicated by the film!) and I’ve been wearing my hair like that on and off since then. Except the time I melted my hair with the bleach and shaved my head, or the time I dyed it red, or the time I screwed the color up so badly I had to get it cut…

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