light on the entries

I’ve been a little light on the entries lately. I’ve been grumpy.

Some random observations: we went to dinner the other night at Burger Stop, and saw a stunning woman with a stunning 3 or 4 year old daughter, whom we both admired. Then the utterly less than stunning Army mechanic who was with these two lookers came in, which left us, well, stunned. I mean, she was way outta his league. Just goes to show ya, I guess.

I had a really pretty piss-poor weekend. I tried watching the director’s cut of Kate & Leopold, which let me not recommend to you, because it makes Meg Ryan, whom I already wish would get her goddamned bangs out of her eyes and stop bugging her eyes out, /completely/ unsympathetic, and then even more infuriatingly, the fucking DVD was scratched and I couldn’t even *watch* the fucking thing. I ended up going to bed at like 9pm because everybody else was in the computer room and I could not *stand* the idea of spending another goddamned minute in there. It was *not* a good night.

I was equally pissy Saturday and I don’t even remember why. More stupid things. It just hasn’t been a great week.

Have seen no elves on road to Rivendell. Did see fat man on bicycle who looked suspiciously like S. Claus. Have seen several old men (in their 70s) pedalling coastal trail, looking like they were having fun. Snowing & raining today. Walking this afternoon v. likely to suck.

Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 15.5

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  1. poor kit! I’m sorry your weekend was horrible. But the snow is stopping–I hope it gets better!!

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