lil bookstore accident

Lil’ bookstore accident today; at Fred Meyer, they had signs up in their books section saying ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ and we found 6 we wanted, but it turned out it was only 1 per customer, so we accidentally bought 5 books and got 1 free instead of buying 2 books and getting 1 free, or buying 4 books and getting 2 free, which was what we were trying for. I said, “But there are two of us!” to the cashier, and she looked apologetic but didn’t give us a second book free. Snif.

The books in question were JENNA STARBORN, THE PAPER MAGE, SWORDSWORN or whatever the last Tiger & Del book is, um, the Lawrence Watt-Evans sequel to DRAGON WEATHER, the name of which I can’t remember, and two more I can’t remember at all right now.

Ted and I went on a walk with Chanti when we came home from shopping. It’s quite windy out and Chanti spent a while trying to catch every leaf that blew around. It was cute. :)

Oh, and we went to um. Best Buy. To buy Evanescence, which is a pretty darned good album, overall. A little repetitive but generally pretty good. I like the lead singer’s voice.

And Ted finished Heart of Stone and liked it. :)

Now we’re going to go drop off the HoS ms at my parents’ house and have a piece of cake. Bai! :)

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  1. DON’T buy Angelica, by Shinn.

    I have two hardback copies.

    You guys want one? Send me your snailmail address.

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