liveblogging the final chapter

I have done jack all today on this book. So I’m now going behind the cut tag and live-blogging the writing of the last chapter.

I have no idea what this will entail. Wordcounts, I guess.

For something more interesting, go read today’s interview with me over at Bitten By Books. There are 5 PRETENDER’S CROWN ARCs in the running for commentors, so go forth and participate. :)

4:18pm wordcount: 267. Out of what should be about 2700 words. :p And I can’t actually post this until the BBB interview goes live, which it’s been delayed in doing by Circumstances Outside Of Our Control.

4:22pm: hitting ‘reload’ on my email does not get the book written any faster. Or at all.

4:23pm: *mutter* apparently has a virus attached to it somehow. I don’t even know how to fix that. All right, I’m going to actually flip over to the word document now….

4:44pm: 615 words. Perhaps I have a sense of where this is going now. Maybe I can get another page done before 5pm.

5:00pm: 985 words.

5:14: 1439 words. Crap, I’m going to finish before I can post this thing, what with the BBB interview going up late. I mean, not that it’s bad to finish. I want to finish. But I’m not sure it’s live blogging if I’m not posting it.

5:24: 1709 words. Another thousand will do it. Shit, I should apparently do liveblogging more often, or something.

5:34: 2000. 2000 is a nice number.

5:42: 2121 and this blog post/the interview is live! And oh, oop, dinner is ready, so I now go on a 20 minute break before returning to liveblogging. *zoomz*

6:37pm: ok, 20 minutes, an hour, whatever. I’m going back in.

6:42pm: grf, getting momentum back is hard.

7:08pm: 2737 words and *DONE*.

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