shannara livetweet, eps 2-3

o no i’m watching more #shannarachronicles i might have to livetweet it again i don’t know if i can resist *SQUEAL* ARE WE GONNA HAVE THE KING OF THE SILVER RIVER OMG I’D FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I LOVED THAT SCENE, THE WRITING, OMG   lol “what happened to eyes up here”

you know…

…I would open a daily word wars chat room if I wasn’t in a completely different time zone from so many of the writers I know. I mean, really, the Pacific coast writers won’t be up for hours yet, and most of the East Coasters aren’t really stirring yet either (except LAG, who seems to often be on early). Still, if the idea appeals, leave a comment and maybe I’ll start doing that. (Word wars: a scenario where you set the clock for 30 or 45 minutes and everybody writes…

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liveblogging the final chapter

I have done jack all today on this book. So I’m now going behind the cut tag and live-blogging the writing of the last chapter. I have no idea what this will entail. Wordcounts, I guess. For something more interesting, go read today’s interview with me over at Bitten By Books. There are 5 PRETENDER’S CROWN ARCs in the running for commentors, so go forth and participate. :)