livejournal knows all!

I need a hymn which could potentially draw someone back to himself as he fought a great darkness. I’ve already used “Amazing Grace” for something else. :) Ideas, suggestions, places I could look?

A song of some sort which references/relies on God’s strength would also do, but it pretty much either has to be a hymnal or something of Clear Channel radio station popularity, and a hymn would be better since it’s unlikely to run into copyright issues. :)

ETA: Oh, wow. and absolutely nailed it with “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”. Holy crap, I love the Internet Hive Mind. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “livejournal knows all!

  1. Shout to the Lord would work or I Will Never Be the Same Again.

    Thou O Lord as well. It’s pulled pretty much straight from Psalm 3.

  2. Have you ever heard of The Three Weird Sisters? ON their CD, “Hair of the Frog” they have a song simply entitled “Hmn”. It makes me cry nearly every time I listen to it…

  3. I know you’ve got one already but if you need an idea again, “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns is a good one too.

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