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Gacked from , but I proved too lazy to answer more than the first five. Maybe I’ll do the other ones later. Having been this lazy, I think it’s a sign it’s time to write, ’cause hey, if you’re too lazy to flick thoroughly…

LJ Interests meme results

  1. biking:
    I like to bike. :) I’m trying to get up the nerve to bike in Ireland, where there are few sidewalks, no road shoulders, and a lot of crazy drivers. If I manage to develop the nerve, that’ll pretty much obliterate any excuses I have for not getting myself to the gym. Well, except for the weather…
  2. cate dermody:
    Gosh, tooting my own horn. Cate Dermody is the name I write my action-adventure novels under. It was also my maternal grandmother’s maiden name.
  3. digital photography:
    I’ve always loved photography, ever since I was a kid. I was good enough in high school to earn a scholarship for photography, but my time/interest/inclination slacked off and I’monly trying now to get back into it. I have gotten myself a Nikon d50, which is a very nice digital camera, and my photography site feed is at (or the real site is at kitsnaps.com.
  4. gambit:
    The ragin’ Cajun. *silly grin* He’s one of my favorite X-Men partly ’cause he’s Rogue’s love interest, but also on his own merits. He’s a hero, but one with more than just a shady past; his shady past continues right up to the present day. The man’s a thief. This is not something good, straightforward honest people do. The contradiction appeals to me. Plus, y’know, just raar.
  5. james marsters:
  6. mars:
  7. new orleans:
  8. robert heinlein:
  9. stargate:
  10. urban family dog:

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  1. ysarndrax

    Speaking of Gambit…did you know that he is Apocalypse’s new horseman of Death? He looks pretty cool in his newly…ah…mutated/reengineered form.

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