long day on the home front

Poor Indy has a cold and last night ran very long for all of us. Ted and I switched out sleeping with him a couple times, thus ensuring nobody got enough sleep, which was possibly not all that smart. :) Anyway, the end result has been being essentially awake since about 4:30am, which makes it Very Impressive Indeed that I got my 2K in today. I did the first 1200 or so between about 6-8am, at which point my brain just turned to goo, but around noon I shut off the internets and got the other 800. So go me. :)

Tragically, I did not finish the book. It’s at 122.somethingK, and I’m going to be distressed if I don’t wrap it up by 130K. I said a little desperately. :)

That’s about all I’ve got here. I’m going to watch this week’s Arrow and then go collapse in bed, because, uh. Well. Because I got up at 4:30 this morning, obviously.

oh but guys OMG jason momoa as aquaman OMG! O.M.G! did you see? DID YOU SEE?!?


ted was all like “O.O is that a photoshop of drogo or is that real” and i was all “IT’S REAL” and he clutched his heart and got verklempt. SO. FREAKING. AWESOME!

as i said to another friend, i am indifferent to aquaman (he’s fine, i don’t dislike him, i just don’t, like, dig him) but i am VERY INTERESTED IN JASON MOMOA AS AQUAMAN and holy shit this is what i wanted him to look like, O.M.G!!

ytd wordcount: 70,300

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