long day

Tsss. Long day, plenty of ow in the back after, well doing too much. And now writing blog entries while watching Andromeda and Tyr in the nipple shirt. Could be worse. But ow. Rest of the day will involve a lot of lying around. :P

We, uh. Went and paid the car payment, then went to Sears where I told them to remove the astigmatism correction from my new glasses. This caused them to take the glasses away, check them, come back, tell me that there was nothing wrong with the glasses, and suggest that perhaps I hadn’t tried hard enough to wear them.

I explained, without a great deal of patience, that the glasses made me dizzy if I looked at anything further than 18 inches away from my face or moved my head. The woman said, “How long did you try wearing them for?” I said, “Several hours. I stopped wearing them after I figured out they made me sick.” She said, “So would you say you … wow, nipple shirt. No, she didn’t say that. She said, “So would you say that you tried wearing them for a week?”


I sais, “No, I haven’t even had them that long.” Again without a great deal of patience, I explained that I was not _going_ to wear glasses that made me dizzy and rendered me unable to see.

The woman pretty clearly thought I was being unreasonable.

Why in hell would I wear glasses that made me dizzy? My world is not like their world, apparently. Anyway, after a certain amount of go-around on this, she rewrote the prescription to remove the astigmatism correction — she said it was only .25 and that I shouldn’t really even be able to notice it, while she was trying to talk me into continuing to wear the glasses the way they were — and they said they’d call when they were fixed.

So now I’m going to have to wake another two weeks while they fix those, and then I have to see if the -.75 prescription is strong enough in the glasses. It wasn’t in the contacts.


Then Ted dropped me off at Blaine’s for a few minutes while he went to the comic ship, and I poked around and looked at sculpture stuff, but they had no plastic skeletons, so I didn’t buy anything then. We drove around and looked at a copule of houses, then we came home and I lay down for a few minutes and we had lunch and then went back out, looked at some more houses, went to another hobby shop, had no luck there, went back to Blaine’s, I bought some air-drying clay and some wire and wire mesh and sculpting tools, aaaaaand then we went to Title Wave, where I didn’t buy any books on how to do sculpture, but I did look at several and mostly determined that I was just gonna have to figure it out by myself.

Ted, however, found a copy of Golden Witchbreed, which he’s been looking for for months, maybe longer. So that’s good! :)

6 thoughts on “long day

  1. The dizzy effect does sound like the one I had for the first couple of days. I found it entirely worth it to get rid of that constant low-grade headache that seems to accompany a prescription that doesn’t adjust properly. Maybe wearing the glasses over a weekend or sometime when you didn’t actually ‘need’ to see might be a solution if you give it another try later?

  2. One of Tyr’s costumes is this v-neck shirt that’s wrapped over to one side, so one periodically gets flashes of nipple. Actually, the shirt he was wearing in this ep wasn’t the nipple shirt; it just plunged to his bellybutton. But ‘nipple shirt’ is more fun to say. :)

  3. I got the idea that the plastic skeleton was wearing the nipple shirt, but…

    … hey, I thought you hated Andromeda, Mz. Kit. Unless there’s another Chippendale Model “Tyr” character out there, somewhere, I’m assuming it’s Andromeda. I mean, someone who isn’t Kevin Sorbo.

    I’m wandering way too far down the wrong path, aren’t I?

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