lost in new york

I’m stuck in New York until Monday night. My plane out of Hartford was delayed and they stuck me in a cab and drove me down to JFK, hoping I’d make the flight to Shannon, but I didn’t. So Delta is now putting me up at a hotel, and I’m on the same flight tomorrow night, so I won’t get home until Tuesday.

This is the second time in a row that, after a con, I’ve ended up stuck in a city for 24 hours. I think perhaps in the future I will just always fly out the next day instead of trying to make late connections, or something, because argh.

*sigh* I really wanted to be home. I guess I might see if I can go into the city and maybe stop by the Del Rey and/or Harlequin offices tomorrow to say hi, since I’ll be here until 9pm. (Well, the flight’s at 9, and I’m going to the bloody airport Real Damned Early, you can bet. But still.)

Bedtime now.

6 thoughts on “lost in new york

  1. I’m sorry you are stuck here for another day, but if you have to be stuck, New York is the place to do it.

    Thanks for coming to our little con, being really cool, and hanging out with us. :-)

  2. I second mike, thanks for coming and hanging out with us.

    I’m also sorry that you got stuck. Good luck on the rest of your travels home, and safe journey.

  3. Oof, sucktitude. Glad to hear they at least put you up in a hotel room; hope it’s a decent one! And that your flight home is suitably without suck.

  4. Hi Catie,

    Liezl, here. Sheryl and I drove back to New Jersey after our long chat (Sorry to make you late for your noon panel). We ran into a ton of traffic on the route back, but it doesn’t really compare to your flight delay. Don’t go to the airport early! You should hang out in the city and check out Tamora Pierce’s comic White Tiger or Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake comics at Jim Hanley’s Universe (5th Ave. & 33rd St.) and imagine how good Joanne Walker would look gracing the cover of her own. I know an artist would have to do it for ‘love of the game’, but hey imagining is free, you know. Anyway, just wanted to say hey and hopefully make your day less dismal, by saying how excited I was to meet and talk to you about the Walker Papers, although I’m still a bit peeved about the 2009 release. Have a safe flight home.


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