I have just done something completely unlike myself.

When I was in high school, I had an utterly magnificent pair of high heels. They were red leather slingbacks with a pointy patent leather toe, and the strap and heel were also patent leather. They were the most awesome pair of shoes I’ve ever owned, up to and including the magnificent Duo boots I’ve purchased over the last year. They had nearly 3 inch heels, and I’m tall enough that if you put me in 3 inch heels I suddenly become Tall. I loved these shoes with a passion hardly known to mortal man.

I outgrew them.

I kept them for *years* after they didn’t fit anymore, just because I loved them so very very much. I swore that someday when I was rich I would have a new pair made to fit my quadruple-E width feet.

Today on my way to buy something to make for dinner, I breezed by a shoe store.

(You can all see where this is going, can’t you?)

They caught my eye. I blew past them and stopped. I backed up. I thought, not a chance. I stepped forward.

I thought, “Well, it can’t hurt to ask. I’ll be disappointed, but that’s nothing new.” I went in, and picked one up, and thought, not a chance, but said, wistfully, “I don’t suppose these come in really, really wide.”

“What size?” they said, and I said, “40s, probably?” and they went up and got a pair. To my shock, they damned near fit. The arch was in the wrong place, but the depth and width for the ball was right. The heel was much too loose. “Uhm,” I said, stunned, “maybe 39s?”

They fit beautifully.

“Come look at yourself in this mirror,” the women said. “This is a good mirror. And you’ve got great legs for those shoes. You have tiny ankles.”

It was a good mirror. It makes people look thinner than they are. And I do have great legs. Not so much tiny ankles as massive calves, but it all works out. The woman beamed and said, “I have really wide feet too and I have those shoes, but I didn’t want to get your hopes up.”

At the cash register, I said, “I *never* do this,” which is very true. And then I walked out with my sexy, sexy shoes.

50 thoughts on “lust!

  1. Those are mighty sexy shoes. You’ll have to invent a special occasion (or more) to wear them out in the very near future!

  2. Oh, good lord those are sexy! I can imagine just how stunning those would look on you, too.

    Yay for awesome-shoe-finding shopping accidents! Especially if they’re like ones that you’ve loved and lusted after for years and years. :)

  3. Those are with out a doubt the hottest shoes ever. I would so do the same thing were I you. Now I’m sad you don’t live state side so I could ask you where you got them.

  4. I think I LOOOOOOOOVE you.

    I’m moving to Manchester in a few short weeks, and it looks like Duo is about to open a store there and guess who’s going to be one of the first in line?


  5. I think they’re exactly the kind of shoes a GoH would wear. I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t see them on you in March (or, ya know, before then. :) ).

  6. It’s not, is it? I would’ve had to have brought a totally different wardrobe if I’d had those shoes… :)

  7. I will!

    And hopefully I’ll get to see you at a con in Europe or something. :)

  8. The look a lot like /my/ Fluevog’s in syle. Except mine are grey and my ankles have gotten weaker and I need to practice walking around in them again.

  9. Oh. My. God. Those shoes are *gorgeous.* I’m not a shoe person–more of an underwear fiend–but I think that photo qualifies as shoeporn. 8) Wear them in good health, girl.

  10. It was a good shoe day!!! Those rock!

    I can’t wait to wear my other new shoes tomorrow: purple plaid flats. SEXY!!

  11. Well, I don’t suppose those shoes could find themselves walking to Maynooth, then.

  12. Gorgeous shoes! Ah, for the days when I could wear heels like that without throwing my back out… *creaks off agedly*

  13. Wow. I don’t do shoe shopping unless absolutely necessary, and I never find anything I actually desire to purchase (except during very blue moons when at least four planets are properly aligned). But… *drooooooool!* Sorry…quick, take them away before I ruin them.

    I want some.

  14. Mmm…
    which shoe shop?

    (also in reference to the tall. I find Next (for jeans) and New look (tops with long enough sleeves) do tall ranges.)

  15. Those are *fabulous*. Despite my many pairs of wonderful shoes, I suddenly find myself deep in the throes of shoe envy. I love them! I’m jealous!

  16. If she doesnt wear them when I bring her for dinner at P-Con, I’ll be very disappointed.

  17. methinks I’ll have to arrange a panel at P-Con – “Shoes in SciFi / Fantasy”

  18. Actually, they’re made, as a friend of mine said, for leaning dramatically against something, like a really expensive motorcycle, and having your picture taken. :)

  19. I shall, but only if the restaurant is very, very close to the hotel. *laugh* I’m going to have to wear these things around the house to practise so I can walk more than halfway across a room without wincing! :)

  20. Hey! Me and my quadruple-E feet are coming to see you next month! We demand a trip to the shoe store!

  21. Luca on French Church Street!

    And you’re *genuinely* tall. I’m only a pretender. I don’t usually need shirts or pants cut to tall length, I’m afraid. :)

  22. Oh good. I’ll bring my black suede stiletto-heeled boots, too.


    This is starting to sound less like ‘fantasy’ and more like ‘bondage’… :)

  23. Promises promises. Well not having booked a restaurant yet, I’ll keep the distance in mind.

  24. damn – does this mean I’ve to get a motorcycle into the P-Con venue now? Or can we find a suitable alternative like maybe a piano?

  25. Oh, a piano is good. I could be all Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys. :)

  26. “0ne persons fantasy is another per…..” maybe we should stop there.
    The boots sound good mind you.

  27. What a delightful image – think I need the blood pressure tablets now.

    Of course, if we charged per photo we could raise a lot of cash. Theres an idea – other cons have autograph sessions, we could have a photo session (kidding by the way)

  28. I hadn’t planned on it, but if you’ll be there, I’ll certainly *make* plans. :)

  29. *light bulb*
    I knew I drooled over those shoes somewhere before! (By drool I mean stop suddenly in the street causing chaos for those who were walking behind me.) And only on wednesday too… whoops my memory is getting bad.
    But I will certainly have to enter that shop now next time I’m in town.

  30. My ankles would commit suicide in protest if I came anywhere near them with those shoes, sadly. Wear them in good health, for all us big-footed gals.

    Also, for those in the states, check out Jay’s Wide Shoes. They have a website and everything, in case you’re not near a physical store. One of the best features is that they take full measurements of your feet the first time in and keep them in record in their computer system, so you can go to any of their stores and have the info right there. They have some awesome sales, too!

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