Maddock returns!

I leap with joy and happiness! Maddock is returning! Okay, there’s not actually a website up there yet, but Maddock is the Old West MU* that I used to play on, and it had some of the best RP I’d ever had, and I’ve whinged about it having gone down several times over the past four years (FOUR YEARS!), and now Shae is bringing it back up, and I’m *really* pleased.

Maddock is from whence came my characters Tess, Miss Gem and Remy, the former two of whom are going to come back for play. I think Remy will fade into the background and become an NPC, but yeah. Maddock! People should come play!

Maddock was really a labor of love. This is the game that had such a well-developed website (which will eventually be at the above URL) that the Montana Historical Society contacted the keeper of the page and wanted to know if they could put Maddock on their list of historical Montana towns. The page keeper said, “Er, well, you do know it’s not real, right?” and they said, “It’s not!?”

The MOOSE linked below are, incidentally, a momma and baby, the baby being born sometime last May or June; he’s a yearling.

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