Man, what a headache. I guess I must not get them really all that often, because every time I get one I’m impressed with how much it sucks. Or maybe I just like to complain.

*helpless laughter* I just looked at the top of my computer monitor, where I had this rather unflattering view of Lucy. This one is much cuter, although not nearly as funny. *more laughter*

I think the aspirin I went upstairs and got is kicking in already. Yay for no food or something, although that’s probably part of why I’ve got a headache, now that I think about it. Duh. It’s not my fault. I meant to eat, but the dog decides she needs to pee every time I get food and so I didn’t manage to get any earlier. :P I did put the dog’s blanket into the washer AGAIN, and washed her chew rope, too, because it was gross, and now it’s going THUMP rumblerumblerumble THUMP in the dryer.

I’ve done five Xena drawings now. I suspect my tolerance for this will peak at seven at the absolute most.

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