Man, I slept for like nine thousand hours. Very, /very/ tired me. Perhaps eventually I’ll stop being so fat and thus stop being so tired. Anyway, one might guess this morning wasn’t such a bright and early perky sort of morning as yesterday. I did wake up around 6:30 again, but I lacked the enthusiasm to get out of bed. :)

My friend Heather who hasn’t got a blog is starting the Walk to Rivendell, too, and I’m going to keep track of her miles for her. Yay Heather! Hee hee hee.

Ok, the only problem with this haircut is that to admire its full glory, it sort of has to hang in my face and tickle my nose. There will not be a lot of admiring its full glory, because, well, that’s really annoying. :)

Hm. Well, what with it being only 8:15 in the morning and me having only gotten up 45 minutes ago, there’s nothing much else to say right now.

Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 3

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  1. yay heather!! I’m so glad that you’re walking to Rivendell with us!!

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