Being sick is just no fun. Ted and I went out to get stuff for Turkey Day tomorrow, and when I came home I had to take a two hour nap because I was so exhausted. That wasn’t exactly what I’d planned to do. Of course, now I’ve been up again for a couple of hours and I still haven’t done the things that I planned to do, so maybe I should go do some of those. Like, make a pecan pie! And then a pumpkin pie!

If anybody wants to know, for some reason, I apparently have a tidy little RSS feed for this site running at, and gosh, it even has 7 readers. I wonder who’s reading it. :) I found this out because Merlin wanted Ted’s blog to be RSS-fed into LJ so that he could get the recipes Ted posted. I still don’t know how to set Ted’s up, but now I know *I* have an LJ feed! :)

Now all I have to do is get Garrett to show me how to make my writing posts automagically post to CEMurphy, and all will be poifect. *pokes Garrett*

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  1. I’ve been using an RSS feed to keep up with you, but it was the “syndicate this site” link you, um, used to have up.

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