man. ow.

Man. I tell you. I gotta find a way to release the tension in my shoulders. I just got back from a 2.5 mile walk, and it basically hurts to look down, because my shoulders and neck and upper back are so damned tight. I’m seriously considering starting going to a massage therapist or something. This is insane.

Dave (Heather’s husband) has volunteered to run to Rivendell and back again, if we think that would make us feel better. We think it will. :) Go Dave! :)

Miles to Rivendell:
Heather: 32
Catie: 45.75

1 thought on “man. ow.

  1. Tell me if you find something for the shoulders, and I’ll tell you. Mine are horrible, won’t crack easily, and keep giving me migraines.

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