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I trundled down to the coffee shop this morning and got about 1650 words written, which is a nice start. I’m hoping to do some more tonight, which seems likely, since I’m the only one home; Mom and Dad have gone out to Blackrock to babysit. I also completely failed to understand the nice young woman behind the counter, who asked me something unintelligible three times, and eventually said, “Just water?” which I hastily agreed to. On the way up the stairs to sit down and have my water and write, I finally translated “Ssmpf kinells” to “Somfink else?”, which made perfect sense once I knew what it was. (Which, now that I think about it, is not unlike talking to Breic. He called up and excitedly told me how “Momma cawwed the pizza pwace!” three or four times before I gave up and handed the phone to Mom, who understood him, and then *I* could tell that of *course* he’d said “Pizza place.” :))

This arternoon Dad and I walked down to Grafton Street, where I got a telephone that takes pictures. This would be a great triumph, if I could figure out how to make the telephone send the pictures on to an email address. :) But I now know how to get to Grafton Street, which I will try doing on my own tomorrow. After I’ve programmed in Mom & Dad’s phone numbers so if I get lost I can call for somebody to find me. :)

Why do phone manuals not tell you how to do the simplistic stuff, like make your letters not be all in caps when you’re trying to type somebody’s name in? (I assume it’s because durr, any idiot already knows that, but *this* idiot doesn’t.)

*giggle* Last night Mom said, “Faith and begorra!” and rolled her R’s quite wonderfully, so I said, “You sure are good at rolling your arrs, Mom,” but she heard, “You sure are good at rolling your arse, Mom,” so she’s been standing in front of the fire and swinging her hips and wriggling her butt as she warms up, much to my father’s and my amusement. :)

*giggles more* Also yesterday on the train Mom sat down on one side and Dad sat down on the other and I said, “Oh no! I’m going to have to decide who to sit next to!” and Mom said, “I’m sure we can both handle it if you sit next to the other,” and I sat down next to Dad and put my coat next to Mom, and she snapped, “Oh, *sure*, *I* get the *coats!” *giggles and giggles*

Ah! I have outsmarted the washing machine! I just hadn’t closed the door hard enough. Turns out that’s okay, since the jeans I put into the dryer were nowhere near dry. This is a condenser dryer, though, which means it sucks all the water out into a tray, so unlike the other Irish dryers we’ve encountered, it /does/ dry clothes.

I am getting responses from lettings agents, which heartens me. Oh! And now I can walk down to … oh. I said that already. Ok, it’s clearly time to stop writing, because I’ve taken so long to write this entry I can’t even remember what I’ve said. :)

miles to Mount Doom: 221


  1. Geni

    Glad to hear you’re having fun! This sounds sooo much like my experiences of moving to other countries. Especially the comprehension in the coffee shop; it took me many visits to work out what “frearertergo” meant :)

  2. maw

    I, on the other hand, would dearly love to know how to make capital letters when text messaging on my phone…..Like for the word “I” or to capitalize the first letter of someone/something’s name… *sigh*

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