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Seirid, yesterday, was singing, “Who let the dogs out!” and then barking. Except all of a sudden he said “No no no,” and sang “Who let the ducks out! Quack! Quack! Quack quack quack quack!”

I have funny nephews. :)

I have decided to keep on with the beginners Pilates for another few weeks, not so much because I don’t think I can do an intermediate level workout as we’re going to Dublin for three days next week and the minute I get TRUTHSEEKER finished we’re going on holiday somewhere, and I don’t know that I’ll have memorized the next level of workout, so I’m going to stick with what I’ve got memorized for a bit yet.

Great swim yesterday. I drank half a pool and snorted enough water to get a chlorine headache, but there was a woman who could Actually Swim in the next lane over, and we got into pace with each other and were hauling ass to keep up. She’s probably two inches taller than me and would gain a bit on the lengths, but I’d get her on the flipturns. :) Anyway, after we gasped to a halt I invited her into my lane and we did a 500 together, which made for easily the best swim I’ve had so far. It was *awesome*. She doesn’t usually swim at the Longford pool, but her kids are in the swim club and they practice there Sunday mornings, so she said maybe she’d make a habit of Sunday swims with me. That would be great. :)

After swimming and taking photos of the boys having a snowball fight and getting pinned down by the cats I was feeling faaaar too sleepy and lazy to work. Ted gave me the day off. Best Ted! :) So I started re-reading FORTY SIGNS OF RAIN (aah, I wish I could write like that), and went for a walk and we watched our Sunday Night SciFi (BSG, Supernatural and Smallville, in that order, because we used to watch it in order of quality, which reversed BSG and Smallville, but then there was the Lee/Dee Date Night BSG and after that we decided we would watch it in order of angst because we were not up for ending the evening with that much angst. And may I say I hope this last episode of Smallville finally once and for all really truly puts the nail in the Lana/Clark coffin.) and then we watched both the unaired pilot and the actual pilot for Birds of Prey. Wow, whose-ever idea the voiceover was at the beginning of the actual pilot … just wow. Augh. That was bad. O.O Anyway, so it was a pretty nice day off, was the point of all that. :)

And now I’m going to work. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 196.2
ytd km swum: 15.8

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