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    catching up

    This is a post of things that are totally unrelated to each other. Just so you know.

    I haven’t been swimming. My shoulder’s doing better, by and large (though I think I spent too much time knitting last night, or possibly yesterday’s brief spate with free weights should have been done with the lighter weights, because it’s faintly achy today), and I’d been thinking that okay, I really should get back to the pool and that I could give it one more week’s rest and start after we got back from Belfast. And then yesterday we got a notification the pool will be closed for maintenance the second half of August. Doh. Oh well, two more weeks of not swimming won’t hurt my shoulder, that’s for certain.

    And speaking of Belfast, there’s going to be an attempt at breaking the world record for the largest number of pirates gathered in one place on Saturday. They need more than 1500 pirates to break the record. I cannot wait to get pictures of the quays teeming with pirates and tall ships!

    Probably everybody knows by now that John Hughes, director of our childhoods, died yesterday. He was only fifty nine, and although he’d apparently retired from movie-making a decade or more ago, he left a hell of a legacy. I’d been thinking recently that I needed to buy The Breakfast Club, because I haven’t seen it in years. Now I think I will.

    It seems like fully half the people I know are at Worldcon. I am envious. And *wow*, the whole blogosphere/Twitter/Facebook thing makes not being there a great deal more immediate. Of course, it means I can find out everything that’s going on even if I’m not there… :)

    Hair nattering behind the cut because only Blue Haired Angie might care, and she’s not reading LJ much these days anyway. :)

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    stupid shoulder

    Doing the 100s Wednesday was apparently more than my shoulder could handle. I am very crankily not swimming again until Monday in an attempt to set it right, and I will not do sprints until I’m in much better condition. *sigh* I’m also going to try to mostly stay offline over the weekend, particularly off the laptop, because using it aggravates the injury. It is possible this will cause me to shrivel up and die. I’ll keep you posted. Or not, if I’m supposed to be offline…

    Muahah. The postman has just delivered the last of our mad spending spree materials: the complete Angel DVD collection (because I’m a fruitcake, and want to watch seasons 4-7 of Buffy alternating with seasons 1-4 of Angel, the way they were aired, and Ted is a good enough person to agree to my lunacy), two of the X-Men graphic novels I need to catch up, and the last of the Star Wars RPG stuff to complete Ted’s collection. Wow. Could we be any geekier?

    Arright, I’m going for a walk since I can’t swim, and to the bank because the landlord sent the reimbursement check for the new furniture.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 454.4

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    , who has been swimming with a local Masters club, expressed admiration of my 9 minute 500 the other day, and supposed that I’d be in the top group in her club, which requires an ability to swim 100 meters on 1:50, which means the swimming and the resting all have to be done in that time period. So, being competitive with myself if no one else, this morning I gave it a shot, to see if I could.

    I did the first one on 1:33, which is probably not *quite* as absolutely fast as I can go in my current condition, but is getting fairly close, and the second on about 1:40, and then stood around gasping instead of trying for a third. I might’ve made a third, just. I wouldn’t have made a fourth. :) I said I might try again tomorrow, but I think I’ll be less ambitious, and try again next week. Especially since my shoulder’s acting up tonight.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 450.4
    ytd km swum: 51

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    important things

    Important things I have learned this morning:

    1. It is all well and good to get up and bike to the gym. However, it is necessary to bring some kind of sustenance (ie, an apple) and eat it after swimming but before biking home again. Otherwise by the time I arrive home, I will be light-headed and nauseous from the dramatic inverse of energy expended to energy ingested. Being nauseous makes me disinclined to eat, which makes the situation worse, until eventually I am white-staticky and shaking and cannot function. Fortunately, today at least I recognized the latter half of that cycle, and ate as soon as I got home.

    2. the Pilates class at the gym which is “starting soon” is in fact not starting until the fall, because everybody who’s expressed interest has also said, “Ah, but I won’t be able to make it until September so,” except me. So I’m going to have to re-apply myself to Pilates at Home, which I’ve kind of been eh about lately. Exercise is hard.


    ytd km swum: 44.7
    ytd wordcount: 188,200

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    oh yes, the other contest

    Word Warrior Aponi has won the “random draw for a book for people who have donated to Astres’ 10K run”. It is a day of many winnings!

    Ted decided he wanted a bicycle to get to and from work on, so today we boldly went forth to the bike shop, where we found just the thing, plus panniards, bike lights, locks, helmets, and a variety of other Good Stuff. They also told us that although my bike has been sitting out in the rain for the past three years they could probably fix it up properly, so when he went to get his new bike Ted also brought mine over to be fixed. Biking in this country is nigh suicidal, but apparently I’m desperate enough to get beyond Longford’s town borders that I’ll risk my life on it. And in the meantime, Ted has zipped off to work on his new bike. He was very impressed with how fast biking is compared to walking. :)

    Oh! My keyboard adapter arrived and worked exactly as advertised, which is to say, plug & play without any screw-ups. So I’m back at the Captain’s Chair for work, which means I can probably start swimming again, as it seems I dasn’t both swim and use a laptop keyboard. Yay!

    I still want brownies. *sigh*

    ytd wordcount: 181,200
    miles to Minas Tirith: 353.4

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