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Important things I have learned this morning:

1. It is all well and good to get up and bike to the gym. However, it is necessary to bring some kind of sustenance (ie, an apple) and eat it after swimming but before biking home again. Otherwise by the time I arrive home, I will be light-headed and nauseous from the dramatic inverse of energy expended to energy ingested. Being nauseous makes me disinclined to eat, which makes the situation worse, until eventually I am white-staticky and shaking and cannot function. Fortunately, today at least I recognized the latter half of that cycle, and ate as soon as I got home.

2. the Pilates class at the gym which is “starting soon” is in fact not starting until the fall, because everybody who’s expressed interest has also said, “Ah, but I won’t be able to make it until September so,” except me. So I’m going to have to re-apply myself to Pilates at Home, which I’ve kind of been eh about lately. Exercise is hard.


ytd km swum: 44.7
ytd wordcount: 188,200

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2 thoughts on “important things

  1. This made me smile, as do all of your posts. Thanks!

    By the way, I especially liked your recent post where you mentioned the advice Anne McCaffery gave you. That really struck a chord with me, as an aspiring writer.

    1. Aww, I am glad to make you smile!

      Yeah, that talk with Anne McCaffery really stuck with me, as one might think it would!

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