mostly metrics

Ted made a stunningly good dinner tonight. Salmon with herbs de provence in dijon mustard, and grilled vegetables and lemon-and-garlic spinach. Insanely, insanely good. And he cleaned most of the house. Me, I read a book. And knitted eleven more rows. And did laundry. I think he wins the Superior Human award for the day. I also swam, and my shoulder is/was acting up, so I’m spending as little time as possible online for a while. *scoots off* miles to Minas Tirith: 112.3 ytd km swum: 27.9

unexpectedly advanced

So, because somebody else said to me today that my Pilates and swimming were inspiring (which I am very pleased, if somewhat befuddled, by; I’ve been doing this barely a month! it hardly seems like it’s enough to inspire!), I went to look at the intermediate stage of the Pilates exercise I’ve been doing. Not because I was going to start them right away (today ended week 5! the ones I’m doing are getting a little boring! but they’re still not *easy*), but because I wanted to see what I…

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many things

Seirid, yesterday, was singing, “Who let the dogs out!” and then barking. Except all of a sudden he said “No no no,” and sang “Who let the ducks out! Quack! Quack! Quack quack quack quack!” I have funny nephews. :) I have decided to keep on with the beginners Pilates for another few weeks, not so much because I don’t think I can do an intermediate level workout as we’re going to Dublin for three days next week and the minute I get TRUTHSEEKER finished we’re going on holiday somewhere,…

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a good mail day

Well, this has been a good mail day. I got an Amazon order *and*, utterly unexpectedly, a copy of DRAGON IN CHAINS, by Daniel Fox/ for review & potential quotage when it goes back to print. Having read some of Daniel’s work before, I’m pretty confident of liking this, and looking forward to reading it. Yay! (If I keep it up at this rate I’m not going to have to buy any books this year. I got Juliet McKenna’s splendid IRONS IN THE FIRE earlier this year (must send her…

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v. pleased with myself

I woke up at about 6:40 this morning and almost talked myself out of going to swim. But then I thought, “Self, you *always* feel better after exercising, and you know you won’t go later in the day.” So I got up and walked through the POURING RAIN and had a quite nice swim. I did 500 meters of just kicking, which loosened up my very, very, very sore legs (we walked about eight and a half miles on Wednesday, and then yesterday I did barre exercises. My legs huuuuuurt.),…

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