meantime, the rest of the week

The rest of the week’s been pretty low-key, actually. When I got home Sunday evening, Ted had just finished baking a batch of cookies, so we had cookie ice-cream sundaes which were very yummy, and I rattled on about the con for quite a while. We have an Emily for the week, and she’s been very sensibly sleeping a lot to catch up on her sleep after her crazy summer. On, let’s see. Hm. Monday and Tuesday are apparently an unspeakable blur. I think I made Emily watch Hudson Hawk, which she’d never seen, on Tuesday, and I made bread on Monday. :) Mom and Dad came over for dinner Wednesday, and I told them more about the con. Last night we went to see X2 again, and I *still* adore it, and Nightcrawler is *still* perfect! That’s really been about it. It’s been a nice week. :)

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  1. Hudson Hawk is a GREAT movie, and everyone should be forced to watch it :)

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