Mental Health Day

I asked for a Mental Health Day as a birthday present from my parents, and yesterday got to take advantage of it. They collected Young Indiana at about 9am, leaving me to sit quietly and finish reading my book without interruption (!).

Book finished, I toddled into town and met a friend for lunch, which was great fun and involved a lot of laughter and probably too-loud voices. :) After that I got a 90 minute massage, after which I was going to have an eye exam but I decided focusing was too much work after that massage, and I spent the rest of the day in a state of blurry sleepies.

I did, however, manage to stop by Chapters and pick up the two birthday books that had been ordered for me, and now I have to not read them right away. :) I was too tired to cook dinner (Young Indiana had woken up at 4am, and although he eventually went back to sleep, it was only for about 90 minutes, so I started out tired.), so we had a delicious repast of sandwiches, and I collapsed into bed at 10pm to sleep the sleep of the just until 8am, whereupon I had to get up and go doze on the couch for 90 minutes. OMG, I was tired.

Also, over the course of the weekend I had four or five inches of hair cut off, and redyed and re-striped what remained (which is a lot; it was down to the small of my back).


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