miles to rivendell

I’m going to start finishing my walk to Rivendell on the first. I have 83 miles to go. I’d like to finish it by the end of April, but what’s more important is that I overcome the dreary stupid snowy weather and walk at least a little every day.

Before you ask, I’m not starting today because my back is still screwed up and I can’t go to the chiro until tomorrow. Thursday will hopefully be enough time for adjustments to settle in and allow me to walk without pain.

At this point, walking *is* the only kind of exercise I can do without *causing* myself pain. Until I can bike, then, it’ll be my goal to walk at least 1 mile a day. I’d like to work up to 5 miles a day. (The problem with that is that by the time I’m physically up to it, there will be too damned many bugs for it to be bearable. Miserable bugs.)

So beginning Thursday, feel free to ask me if I’ve done my walking for the day. o.o

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