Some fool has drunk an entire gallon of milk in the last 48 hours. Or most of it, anyway.

I can’t help it! I *like* milk. I looooooooove milk. And I drink *lots* of it. When I went away for college and came back at Christmas break, Mom discovered that by myself, I drank as much milk as the other four people in the house combined. :) She bought twice as much milk while I was home as she had when I wasn’t. :)

Anyway, so we went and bought milk late Wednesday night, and by late last night there was enough left to put on a bowl of cereal. Some fool has a drinking problem!

4 thoughts on “milk

  1. Hee. As a kid, I *hated* drinking milk. At home anyway. I’d go to my grandma’s house and drink it like there was a milk shortage. Something about being forced to have milk at home, I guess. :)

  2. Sounds about like me! My mom and dad had to buy more than double the normal milk while I was there, and more yet while my brother was home. Of course, mom can’t really drink milk anymore, and dad only has a little anymore, so these results are skewed, but hey.

    Lately, I’ve hardly made it through a gallon a week (usually it’s way more), but I’ve hardly been home at all, so it’s not terribly surprising.

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