There are a bunch of shriekingly funny Moonlighting quotes at IMDB. God, that was a funny show. Until it, to quote Henry, it jumped the shark when Maddie and David slept together in third season and the entire show imploded.

None-the-less, it was a *very* funny show. :)

2 thoughts on “moonlighting

  1. Did you just hear about the phrase Jump the Shark? I only heard about the whole thing day-before-yesterday. As Eric would say, “synchronicity, wow.”

    I found out totally by accident that there was an episode of The X-files titled “Jump the Shark”, the one where the Lone Gunmen are killed.

    Naming an episode of your show “Jump the Shark” is pretty damn funny.

  2. I just heard of the phrase ‘jump the shark’ yesterday, in fact. And I saw (on that there was an X-Files called Jump the Shark. I hadn’t even known the Lone Gunmen had died. That sucks. :P

    Although the title is pretty funny. :)

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