moral superiority?

Did I say something about moral superiority? Nevermind, I’ve thrown it all out the window.

I’ve also apparently designed a site which causes an exe failure in Netscape 4, for no reason that I can fathom. The code is checking out okay, and it works on the non-GreyMatter pages.

Plus, I was rightfully (and politely) slammed this morning. I slink off and look embarrassed now. :)

I’ve just paid off the last of our 2001 taxes. Unfortunately, now I have to pay the 2002 taxes . . .

Mom and Dad are back from DC! Mom caught a foul ball at a Mariners’ game! Well, ‘caught’ for the value of ‘caught’ that means she ducked to the side, covering her head as the ball flew at her, and it landed *smack* between her feet. Didn’t bounce, didn’t roll, just hit the cement, dead ball, between her feet. *laugh* So she’s got a baseball from a pro ball game now. *grin* I forget who hit it, Ricky somebody who plays for the Red Sox who is an old guy (he’s 43!) who talks to himself, and about himself, in the third person while he’s playing. :)

Shit, I think Chantico just got out of the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “moral superiority?

  1. Ricky Henderson! It’s a good thing he can play baseball really well, or people would look at him funny.

  2. Henderson! That’s it. I was thinking Hernandez but I was pretty sure that wasn’t right. Thanks! :)

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