more dog

Ted washed the dog last night. She doesn’t smell nearly as bad now. I have the very best husband. He also got her some adult dog food instead of the puppy stuff, and lamb-and-rice based instead of chicken-and-corn based, because apparently corn gives dogs gas. Not that you can buy dog food that doesn’t have corn, but at least this stuff doesn’t have it as one of the top three ingredients. And it’s adult food, which we theorize might be harder to digest and therefore less … stinky. Or something.

In other news, apparently the doctor I randomly chose out of the phone book to go to to last year when my back became unbearable has killed a couple of people. *That’s* exciting. All I can say is he certainly didn’t over-medicate *me*. Or Ted, who got migraine medicine from him.

Guess I should find another doctor. Not that I’m in the habit of going to them, but that one hasn’t got a license anymore.

And I should eat something.

3 thoughts on “more dog

  1. That’s more than a little alarming! Speaks well for the “don’t choose a doctor out of the phone book, you twit” school of thought.

  2. Nobody I know /goes/ to doctors. That one had a list of things in the book that covered what I needed, and my insurance covered him. *shrug*

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