more drawinks!

Also, a portrait of Tess!

I admit to cheating a little on this one, and using Photoshop to remove a poorly-drawn cheekbone. I don’t think it’s as good a drawing, quite, as the Gem drawing, but it *looks* like Tess, so I’m really happy. I’ve never been able to draw her before. Woot woot! *beam*

3 thoughts on “more drawinks!

  1. I liked Gem better, only because you really went with the shading in her. It gave her a sultry depth. JMHO.

  2. well, the photo it was taken from was much less dramatically shadowed than the one the Gem drawing was taken from, too, but Gem oughta have a sultry depth that Tess doesn’t, anyway, so it all works. :)

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