more of sarah’s fault!

More of Sarah’s fault! Well, okay, not really, not entirely, because I’m on the same mailing lists she’s on and it’s been announced all around, but:

Harlequin is starting a new line of fantasy novels, full-length books (100-150K), with romantic subplots (which most novels have anyway), which they’re going to start publishing in 2004 as trade paperbacks, one title a month while they see how it goes, and maybe more titles a month after that. They’re taking open submissions.

I don’t HAVE a 100-150K fantasy novel! (Actually, I do, but it’s … man, you know, if I could rewrite that, it’d really work … except it’s part of a series. I don’t think they’re looking for series books.)

And now I’m going, “AAAAH!”, followed by, “Hey, I could write a 100K fantasy novel in a couple months,” followed by, “I DON’T HAVE A PLOT! AAAAAAH!”


3 thoughts on “more of sarah’s fault!

  1. Are you SURE they don’t want a series? That seems the sort of thing you just might want to email them about rather than assuming…it seems like starting out a new line with a good series to increase reader loyalty might not be a bad plan…

  2. Well, no, I’m not sure, but I’ve got this other story idea now to write for them, so all is well. :)

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