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…because *I’m* interested even if you’re not. :)

Turns out the method of formatting page numbers, footers, headers, etc, for POD isn’t that difficult. It is only not that difficult, mind you, because I have already learned how to use Open Office style sheets thanks to LJ Cohen’s brilliant primer on ebook formatting, so I basically comprehend what I’m doing.

The problem, of course, is that I’ve been using stylesheets fairly willy-nilly through the document as I’ve realized and discovered more bits I need to do, so it’s not nearly as well-organized as it needs to be in order to implement the not-so-difficult header/footer stuff. It is, in other words, more difficult than it needs to be, because I’m not yet good enough at this to have all the right pieces in place when I begin.

The good news is I can recognize what I need to do in order to make it all work beautifully. The bad news, of course, is that it’s time-consuming, especially for a first attempt. And whether it’s worth it for a personal POD project is…debatable. If I was going to sell this thing, yeah, I’d fix it all, and I will certainly Do It Right with NO DOMINION, but…eh. Eh, sez I. Eh.

OTOH, the satisfaction of Doin’ It Right is considerable, so…*flails* :)

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  1. Just go ahead and do it right. If you don’t it will bother you and you’ll stew about it and it’ll distract you from other things til you go back and fix it. It’s the kind of person you are.

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