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Because I know you haven’t read enough about my writing lately, I’m going to talk about it some more.

I’m suddenly panicking because I’ve hit 25 chapters which means there’s theoretically something like 12-14 chapters left to write, and I have this horrid idea I’m not going to be able to finish the book in 14 chapters.

Why this is actually a problem I don’t know, because I can always just write more chapters. None the less, I’m slightly panicky over it. This is no longer — at least not particularly — about reaching 50K, because, well. Pretty confident there, my friends. No, now, it’s about, er, um, panicking. Maybe because I want to finish by this weekend. Well, hell, brothers and sisters, it’ll take 3K words a night (2 chapters) to finish if it *does* turn out to be 12-14 chapters. It’ll take 4500 words a night (3 chapters) to finish if it doesn’t, because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to turn out to be more than *eighteen* more chapters from where I am.

Maybe it’s just that 18-20 seems like a *whole* lot more than 12-14. It’s *not*, really, but it *seems* like it.


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  1. Actually, 4-8 chapters more IS pretty significant. I still wouldn’t panic, mind you, but you’re right that it’s sort of a lot to write, especially if you want to do it by the weekend.

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