more ow

Ow. My neck and shoulder on the right side are all seized up. This happened yesterday, but I thought I’d give it a day to see if it relaxed on its own. It has not. I called the chiro for an extra appointment. :P Pain sucks. :P

I need to call a regular doctor and get an allegra prescription, too. And I need to go lock the puppy up, I expect, or see if I can convince her to come downstairs and behave, but my stupid shoulder is too screwed up to cope with her right now. Fnrt. *sigh*

Breakfast. And more water. I have a headache. Feh.

2 thoughts on “more ow

  1. You poor dear! Well – a woman in my office has had all sorts of shoulder problems for the last couple years and gave up on doctors figuring it out. Then she just started going to an accupuncturist.

    *taptaptap* Yup, and she said it has helped a lot.

  2. Well, I suspect this has something to do with the adjustments the chiropractor’s been doing to my back. So I’ll go to the chiro for it, for now. If I continue to have back doom, maybe I’ll go somewhere else eventually… :)

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