more pain. *sigh*

Man, I’m wiped out.

Went to the chiro again today. I’m on bedrest again today. Lying around on my back. On an ice pack. Very cold.

I’m better today, which is to say I am no longer in excrutiating pain, but merely mind-boggling pain. Oh yeah, I’m reminded, I wrote a haiku while lying around in the chiro’s office this morning.

Damn, I can’t remember it. You’re probably all relieved.

*helpless painful giggles* the wretched cats have been ignoring my bed-ridden self. Shaun just put Zilli down beside me. Zilli promptly climbed onto my chest so I couldn’t see the computer screen. *giggles*

pain wearing me out

slow luxurious spasms

visit the chiro

hah, i remembered. :)

more organized this morning. i emailed work and checked my email and got MD onto disk so I could work on it today if I wanted to. I think I’ll try to do that.

I wonder if I have an FTP program on this computer. I don’t think I do.

ARGH. People keep drooling over the new X trailer. I don’t like watching trailers online. ARGH!

2 thoughts on “more pain. *sigh*

  1. Aieeee, chiropractic haiku! I am forever scarred. *giggle* It’s actually not bad… :)

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