more photos!

And still more photos! These ones Ted took, mostly. Not quite entirely: there’s a bunch taken in the women’s bathroom that I took, but still. Mostly Ted photos! :)

(I’m almost done. I promise. Except all the ones I haven’t gotten from people yet. :)

3 thoughts on “more photos!

  1. Don’t think I’m creepy–I’m actually a former student of your father’s! The photos of your family’s special day helped boost my spirts as I slogged my way through 6 papers and a budget this weekend!:)

  2. oops. That should be RANDOM not Randon (who’s that? A gas? A Slovak hockey player)

  3. *laugh* Hello, Randon. ;) Are you a former student of my father’s that I know, or just a random former student. Anyway, glad you’re enjoying the photos and I hope the papers got finished. :)

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